Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kayla update, update

My birthday wish came true!!!

Kayla was found tonight. The rascal was on the bridge, a bunch of cars stopped and someone was able to get the poor exhausted girl. They took her to PetSmart and someone there recognized her from the flyer Liz put up.

She's safe and warm snuggled with Liz right now.

I am so relieved.

Kayla update

She has been seen several times in the Hood Canal Bridge area along the beach. I am told this is good news.

I really feel she will only come to me. I'm going up tomorrow along with Lexie who of my kids has the strongest bond with Kayla, Rogue Kayla's baby and Panda who tells every one "Let's play!!"

I'll have someone as my guide and go from there.

As I will be in touch with Liz and Kathy (of 4TheDogz fame) tomorrow any further updates, hopefully the best possible news, may be found on Kathy's site.


Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support.

Kayla spotted

Many of you have already heard that Kayla was accidentally let loose and subsequently lost last Thursday. Her new mom is frantic and doing everything she can to locate her. Flyers and shelters, mail carrier and real estate agents have all been notified. She was lost in the rural area surrounding Poulsbo, WA.

If you don't know Kayla she is a reserved girl but playful with puppies and children. She is a very dark brindle, would look black in the shadows of the forest, mahogany in the sunlight. Amber colored eyes.

If you live in the area and you see her call her name gently and sweetly. Don't chase her. Hold out your hand like you have a treat. If you have cheese, cat food, bacon (think smelly and delicious to a dog) hold it out in front of you, call her name in a friendly way, get down on your knee. "Kayla. Come. Cookie."

I got an email from Kayla's new mom, Liz, that she had been seen in the Hood Canal Bridge area again. Let's hope they have success on bringing the silly girl home. If you live in the area and would like to help please contact me at imleo9@gmail.com with your contact info and I'll get you in touch with Liz.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Charlie at 4 months

Esther is Gail's daughter and they live on the same property in Glide OR. She writes:

"I just wanted to share some pictures of Sir Charles he is the best puppy! We didn't have to tape his ears they are perfect and freckled as you can see. He loves his new family and has mom wrapped around his paw. We started to teach him to open the door for himself today and after a half a slice of cheese and alot of Good boy good open he decided that he wouldn't come in unless he opened it himself so he could have another bite of cheese, he is sooo smart. I will send more pictures in a couple weeks, I am the official photographer since I just can't seem to get enough pictures of him. Thanks again for such a wonderful boy. Mom smiles all the time,and charlie is a joy to be around.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bonnie Sailor Girl

Angela writes: "Bonnie Storm is quite the sailor! She was alert, curious and has very good sea legs. She did well in her life jacket, and was able to run around in the cockpit....but not for long. She was already scamming on how to jump up to the deck that is way to high for her....except maybe if she uses Chloe's back as a step. She is so clever and listens well. We are very proud of her, and she is pure joy for all of us."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Storm-Bonnie photos redo

With a little help from Thomas I got the photos from Bonnie's new family up.

Thanks Sweetie!!

Isn't she looking great?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clank update

"Just thought I would update you on Clank. We got his AKC registration and he
is officially Toreth C-Myste Secret Agent Clank (clank's only staring role
game). He is just a doll and has been a huge help in taking care of our old
Lab Jive while he was sick and in helping us get over his loss.

"He and Ratchet are getting along wonderfully and playing like maniacs. Clank
follows Ratchet everywhere. I have attached some pictures of him for you and
of course we will be updating the blog frequently.

"If he ever stands still long enough I will get a more formal portrait for

"Thanks again for this wonderful boy.

"Sharon and Anne"

:*) You're welcome. Thank you!! for loving him. Very much thank you! But I think you need to buy him a few more toys. Not!!

With Jive. Even if they didn't know each other very long they look like they were very good buds.
Hail to the belly.
Mine, mine, mine. Don't let Rogue see this pile. It'll take her all day to find holes for them all.
With Momma Anne.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here to stay

Remember this girl?

Well, look at her now! At 14 1/2 weeks old...

Perhaps sometime I can get some help getting her movement on video. I am very excited about her overall. Those ears!! And her rear! Not to mention her bone! A very yummy puppy.

She is a happy, happy puppy. It's good for kids to have adventures outside of their home turf. I have a problem with Celie being too attached to me and learned that it's good for them to go to "camp" with trusted friends to have good experiences.
Rogue just got home from Camp Samhain and received rave reviews for temperament. "A very good, happy girl." She got along with the other kids well. Even though it turned out she is a bit of a hoarder.

Camp Director Kim Kiefer's report: "YOUR puppy... she is so funny! Yesterday we mowed the back... I put all the toys in the puppy yard and closed it up so they couldn't drag them every where. After Mark* was done I threw them all out into a pile. Rogue takes a toy and runs over to the wood pile and STUFFS it into a crack, throwing her body against it, nosing dirt over it, sitting on it and then goes back for another and another and another... not a toy to be found in the backyard unless you look in the wood pile." *I think Mark must be the maintenance guy. :-D

We went to a farmer's market where we found after being stopped every two steps the consensus was her new name should be "the cutest puppy ever."

Well, she's home now terrorizing Gus and Celie and having a blast with the Pan.

And is very, very good at napping.

Thanks to Traci for getting on my butt about updating about her. I'll try to take some stacked pics later. She so perty!

And where's Momma? Rogue went with me to see Kayla to her new home in Poulsbo. A fine woman in a beautiful old country home with a garden had invited Kayla to come and live with her. Kayla immediately made herself at home.

Liz writes: "I can’t get use to how quiet she is, we had a couple walks. She seem to be fine with the crate. She did have an accident, but my braided rug has been christened many times and is very forgiving. .... She has one of the sofas staked out already!"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonnie's settling in

Angela writes:
Puppy update: Bonnie is a joy and love! She and Chloe are getting along great, and Chloe is acting like a teenager again. Bonnie is not intimidated in the least, she herds Chloe! Chloe is very gentle and knows by now Bonnie is here to stay. She is doing tricks with Chloe for treats, Bonnie will not be left out. Greg and Fiona have been working with her and she is so smart. We are so happy to have her.