Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rogue's Advent Calendar

4 weeks to grow... I mean go.

Belly getting rounder, belly hair thinner, and milk faucets getting bigger... yep! TM x Rogue babies in there!!!
Since we did progesterone testing we are pretty certain the due date is Christmas Eve/Christmas Day... give or take a day or two. But I've got a pile of potential names based on Christmas movies and songs. And I've put up a countdown widget for the litter's expected arrival.
If you would like to be considered for one of these puppies please contact me. Babies will be black or brindle.
***Correction (11/28/11): babies may be black with tan or brindle points, brindle, red/sable. See chart here. Both Rogue and TM are brindle and carry tri.
##### Further understanding (11/29/11): TM is homozygous for brindle. (Rogue probably is too.) He carries red and tri. (As does Rogue as all brindles carry red and Rogue's sire was tri which means he had to give her a tri gene.) Brindle is dominant and only one gene is needed for it to be expressed. So if the babies have a red base they will be brindles, some will carry tri. If they express the tri (they have to receive a tri chromosome from both TM and Rogue so only 25% chance) they will be black with brindle points. If you're confused by all of this I understand. It's taken me 2 days of reading whenever I had a little spare time to make sure I have it right. I might at some point draw up a Pundett square but the bottom line is there will be mostly brindle babies and a few black/brindle-pointed babies in The Christmas Litter.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Kids On The Block

Well, they've been here for a while now. Just busy with them and life.

First there's Bessie (Samhain's Flyin' High).

Here she is at I believe 19 weeks. She was my oldest daughter Chloë's 16th birthday present. Out of Kim and Mark's Dash x Ana, she's a really lovely bitch in many ways and has been such a wonderful addition to the family.

Then a few weeks later I got a boy from Paul Chen

This remarkable guy is named Sirius (no registered name as yet). His dam is Paul's fabulous Jolene and the sire is Rocky. This boy wows me every time we're out for a walk. Impeccable movement. Gorgeous front. The sweetest temperament to boot. I can hardly wait to get to take him out in the ring.