Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kayla's saga as told by her new mom

My Little Miracle Dog

I had just recently gotten Kayla, a lovely little gal, from Leo Washburn. We bonded real quickly, enjoyed having her coddle in the evening and watch TV together. I am still working and one day had to be gone all day so made arrangements for a neighbor boy to come up and take her for a walk. He knew she had to be leashed, but she got away from him and disappeared into the shrubbery. I live in a very rural area, but near a very busy main artery to Jefferson County. The boy and his family looked for her, didn’t call me till I was almost home at 5PM. I spent the evening searching the local neighborhood with no luck. Friday after running flyers off we took off to flyer everywhere we could think. Late in the day I got a call that she had been running down the middle of Hwy 104 by the Hood Canal bridge. Several people stopped and tried to get her, but she headed into the woods. There are homes along the road and back into the woods which borders a large area owned by Pope Resources of some 400 acres with nothing, but walking trails. The next few days were a blur of walking,, calling, contacting any one I could think of, with lots of help from corgi owners as far away as California and Arizona. No words can ever express my deep gratitude to all those who helped. On Tuesday evening after going out again about dark with food and searching again the last area she had been seen, came home to messages from Petco that some ladies had brought her in to buy food after rescuing her running on the Hood Canal bridge. I had put a flyer up at Petco and the clerks recognized her and called me. I was down there in minutes, she was soaking wet, wagging her tail and barking at me as I got out of the car. They would not let me pay for the food or give them a reward. She was so glad to be warm and dry, and I am so blessed to have her back, having made all these wonderful contacts! I hope if anyone needs help with a lost pet they will call me.

... here is a picture. I think you should add something to the story
about you being willing to come up and search for her! She checked out fine at the vet's, .... She went to church this morning for blessing of the animals. So got to tell her saga! - Liz

Well, Liz, yes I was on my way but it would have been the proverbial needle in the haystack except for all the groundwork you and our friends, old and new, did. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait for me another night and was able to get home out of the cold, wet forest.

Thanks for loving her!! - Le'o