Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Doubt Now, Lucky Number 7?!!! and Happy Birthday Celie

I think we can see that she has definitely got somethin' goin' on in there. Every time I look at her she seems to have grown more round. And she still has about 4 weeks to go!!! (Due date is actually March 19th.)

One of the developments in pregnancy is the bitch will shed the hair on her belly to make it easier for puppies to find the milkshake valves. Chloë and Lexie were examining her and noticed: "She's only got 7 nipples!!" Sure enough there are only 3 on one side and the usual 4 on the other. Two are aligned directly across from each other but the rest are staggered. I've never heard of this phenomenon.

And today she gets extra cookies and belly rubs for another reason. She turns 3 today. Happy Birthday my Special Girl. Love you!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Sadist

So a few days ago my 7-year-old, Lexie, brings home schoolwork. Among the 1/2-inch stack of papers is this gem.

There's no date but I'm thinking this is the time C.C. (known as Celie to most) spent a week plus at Gramma Kim's to *ahem*... make puppies. Gus apparently missed her terribly. But "the Sadist"? I think she meant to say he was a little depressed.

Gus commented that people often think he's sad. Its sort of a breedist view of brachycephalic dogs. "We're capable of a full range of emotion actually. Just like any other breed. I will admit though I did miss C.C. But not to the point of creating a lot of drama. Drama tires me. As does running. I will admit the yellow-haired child draws a nice likeness and I wish I could write so well."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celie and Rocky

In case you're new to my blog and NW Cardigans I'm writing this post about the recent breeding and hopes for some very nice puppies. It's a wonderful pedigree.

First here's a link to Rocky's page.
CH Coedwig's Malachite, PT

And my Celie, CH Coedwig's Sail On Silvergirl pictured here. Love her front and expression!

She has been a dream dog who got me totally addicted to this conformation showing sickness. She finished easily at 11 months with 3 majors.
One of those majors she also went on to receive Best of Breed as seen here.

Here she is winning her second Best of Breed when I specialed her last spring in Elma.

One of my favorite views of her.

I don't have enough time in my day to do it all with her. We did obedience training and will again. The instructor, Chris Primmer, went on and on about how biddable she was. "People would give you thousands of dollars for that dog!!," she said every class.

She's my sidekick though, my right guard, and yes as one of her grandmas calls her she's still a little gwrach (witch). And if all has gone well, she's full of lucky charms. That's right the due date is St. Patrick's Day.

Current names being tossed around for the little babes are Luck Be a Lady (call name Bea or Ellie) and Fortune Favors the Bold (call name Virgil or more likely Felix).

I am so grateful for Kim Shira's love and support, starting with the day she said, "I want you to have this girl." We're both very excited about this litter and I'll be sure to keep everyone posted as things progress.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Take some silver girl and add a little malachite...

.... and hopefully get a lucky charm... or two... or 7... please not 13...