Saturday, March 31, 2012

O Solé Mio

We had a pretty, sunny day the other day and took advantage of it to show some of the new blooms around here.
These are the kids I'm growing on.

Jenga (Toreth's Game Changer) 10 weeks old. (1/15/12) Sire is Lincoln, Dam Celie. This will be Celie's last litter. She's done her part. I'm really grateful for this one, Celie.

Kohl (Toreth's Jingle Bell Rock) 14 weeks. (12/22/11) Sire TM, Dam Rogue. I can hardly wait to show off the reach this fellow has!
Born on Winter Solstice the litter theme was Christmas/Winter. I wanted a black boy from this breeding so badly I would have made a deal with the devil. So I got a Kohl in my stocking for being a bad girl.

Zuzu (Toreth's It's A Wonderful Life). 14 weeks (12/22/11). This girl is quite simply beautiful!  Her name is a reference to the little girl in the movie. I can't believe how many people I have talked to that have never seen this great film! In the story the main character, George, has a daughter named Zuzu. He comforts her and in the process ends up with some flowers in his pocket. Then he ends up having this hallucinatory experience that teaches him to be grateful. When it's over he knows he's back to reality because Zuzu's petals are in his pocket.
Like George I keep checking to see if this is real. She is truly wonderful and I am grateful.

So I haven't been blogging much lately. As wonderful as life may be it can get busy.

I was hoping for another litter next week. But that appears not to be in the cards. It's just as well since we are sure to have more sun and more chores. Do you hear that Spring? We're expecting more sun... sigh... Life in the Pacific Northwest...