Sunday, December 26, 2010

The old wait and see... AND PUPPIES!!

Karma is off her meds and while she might be light on that rear left leg she's not at all suffering like she was yesterday.
I canceled the consult with the orthopedic surgeon. My intention is to watch and see. Karma will be restricted to light, supervised exercise.
I do believe the vet I saw yesterday was doing her best but if it was a ruptured cruciate would she really have recovered so quickly? Me thinks not.

And now for the little babies...



Little Bit (and Shade)




And little boy Boo

And finally stacked pictures...

some are blurry...

puppies are soo wiggly...

but I think I've figured this stacking thing out...

for those of you who don't know me... yes, I'm a bit of a smart @55.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A dog's job...

I have come to the undeniable conclusion that dogs are meant to drive us crazy.

This afternoon I carried Karma out to go potty and she could barely stand and then it took her 4 attempts at squatting before she could go without falling down.

Then an hour ago she heard it was dinner time and I found her standing in her crate. I let her out and she was getting around and barely limping.

I've learned there are many options. Some surgeries ranging from $700-3800. It's been suggested too that I just give her meds and keep her crated and maybe it's going to resolve on its own. I will continue to monitor her and learn as I go and do what I think is best. But it'll just be my best guess in the end and hoping I do the right thing.

Sigh. It's been a crazy day.

I have discovered Basil Hayden's... smooooooth.

Not what I had planned for the day

I had planned on getting some photos and updates on little puppies up today.

Turned out we spent Christmas morning at the emergency vet to learn Karma has a torn cranial cruciate ligament in her left stifle (rear knee). This is very similar to an ACL injury in humans. She probably planted that foot in the ground and then twisted (or was twisted by a playmate) in a different direction.

Consult with orthopedic surgeon on Monday....


She hurts and will have to be less active than her 9-month-old puppy self would like for a while but is going to be fine. It'll just be a while before she's in the ring again.

Just so you know the little puppies are still happy, fat and healthy.
The one bigger puppy named Karma is less healthy and happy but currently so stoned she doesn't care what she did in a former life to deserve this.

Pictures will have to wait a little longer. Time now for some Christmas cheer. There's got to be a bottle of it around here somewhere.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting to know you....

The little guys meet the gang that live upstairs...

Raven asks Sparky the Papillon: "Are you a fluffy? We don't have that gene. Snoot."

Shade and Leila meet Gus the Bulldog.

"Jeez, that's must be what happens when you don't have good brakes! Poor guy."

"Thanks for the new squeak toys, Mom!! When can we have the ones on the other side of the fence? "

Older Pems need home

I received a forwarded email from my husband that he got from a co-worker:

"My grandma is terminally ill and must be placed in a nursing home . We are in desperate need of placing her 2 dogs in a home as soon as possible.

The pictures attached are recent pictures of the dogs, they are very sweet but do require some special care.

Sky female spayed, is the oldest ,about 11 years old, she takes Prednisone every other day for swelling in her foot. She is very sweet and has a great disposition. Eagle is a neutered male and about 10 years old. Eagle is healthy, but little skittish, especially around little kids.

Because my grandmothers health has been so poor and she is unable to move without a wheel chair, the dogs have started some bad indoor bathroom habits. They do have a doggy door, and can probably be re trained to go outside , but will require some patience and effort.

Please let me know if you know anyone that may be able to take these dogs, even if it’s a rescue shelter for Corgis, as long as they are cared for and loved, my Grandmother will be happy.

Thanks for your help,

Anna "

I've contacted a few people who regularly work with rescue already but many read this blog and may want to let it be known through me that they have room in their homes and hearts for these two older babies who still have a lot of love to give. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And the mother of the year award goes to....

The babies are 4 weeks old and have needle-sharp teeth. Panda deserves steak and eggs for breakfast, don't ya think?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Well, I don't know about the turkey but the puppies were kind of thrilled with the intro to solid food.
Hmmm, this is very interesting.

Raven dives in and Cora finds a new teething ring.

Cora also discovers turkey coated sister is quite delicious.

Everybody all at once: Awwwwwwww!

Boo says: "This stuff kinda sticks to my whiskers." And that's not what we mean by inhaling your food, Buddy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And later that day...

Did someone say something about turkey?!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Art of Becoming Puppies

Lesson 1: Siblings are for mouth fencing...

Leila says, "That tickles!!"

"No fair, no fair!!"
"Uncle, uncle!"
Leila exit stage left.

Raven says, "I get you, Fae!"

Fae: "Oh yeah?!!"
"Take that!!"


"I'm... not... done... with you yet..... Rats!"

But her tail was wagging.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 weeks (and a couple of days)

From left to right: Raven, Fae, Leila, Little Bit-Elysia, Boo-Boy, Cora, and Shade.

It's been a busy week. With the holidays and with what I know will be happening as the puppies get older and sleep less, well, just prepare yourselves for fewer posts than normally happens when there are puppies around here.

I spent some time lining them up for the above photo. Such a picture will be virtually impossible for someone with my level of patience as they become more mobile.

It's also deworming day. They really haven't had anything other than mother's milk. I think they found the caramel-flavored concoction rather tasty.

Other chores for the weekend include pedicures for momma Panda and all the babies. And a bedroom remodel! Yep, the puppies are figuring out the sibs don't appreciate being peed and pooped on and are getting up off the pile and finding a place away from them to take care of business. I also observed that mom no longer needs to be involved in their toileting, although she's a great mom and is still very industrious at her housekeeping chores. (In case you didn't know: Little newborn puppies need mom to stimulate things.) So it's time to introduce a litter box.
What you'll see in upcoming weeks is a box with shavings. It starts out right outside the whelping box and as the babies become more active and need more playroom the litter gets moved closer and closer to the door outside. I understand this mimics the den and how they learn to not poop where they eat and sleep.

All have their eyes opening now. A couple are only half open but it's amazing how they change in personality when they are able to see their picker-upper. And woofs and grrrrs are heard. They managed to get the whole pack upstairs going this morning.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Legend of Raven

Read here for the Legend of White and Black Raven.

Seems fitting that the one with the name Raven is the first one to open her eyes and let the light in. I guess it also means she might be a bit of a troublemaker. Oops. Careful what you name your kids.

Boo is nearly opening his eyes too. Below is him next to Fae and Little Bit. Isn't he huge?!!

Windows to the soul...

Someone's playing peek-a-boo this morning. Can you guess which baby is opening its eyes today?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday's Squirmy Squeakers

No news is good news they say. Just getting fatter and fatter really.

Leila says "ppppppppthththth."

Sweet Little Bit o' puppy breath.

Cora's nose spotties. Beautiful symmetrical markings.

Fae's a beauty most judges would probably overlook. She has full pigment around both eyes and no white on her ears, but...
And just you watch she'll probably move like a dream.

Boo is such a neck nibbler!

And now he says, "I prefer Mom."

How to tell the two tan-pointed girls apart...
Little speck of white on the back of Shade's neck

Raven has a white bird-shape on the back of hers.