Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi Rio!!

Belinda writes:
"Well I have managed to get some time at the computer. We went through a scare with the computer and Fred had to work on it for about 3 weeks, which really did not give me a chance to be on the computer.
"I hope you like these photos....some are with Alvin - it is amazing how much they look to each other. You will also get to see the "girls" Bea & Truedy, I bred them and they were born on Valentine's Day 1998. Bea is the brown one, we have also seen similarities between Rio & Truedy. The girl's grand sire is Elmo's half brother still in the family to some extent.
Looking out the window a bit ago, Rio was playing with Bea - running around the backyard with some wrestling included. Bea has always been the greatest "Auntie" for pups. Rio is always wearing a smile, I am hoping he will get better with his vocabulary - in that he starts making sounds more like he is talking.
"Tomorrow I plan to take him to the vet's office to see how much he weighs, last time I took him in he was 25 pounds which was about a month ago.
"He is better on the retrieving, and has found the staircase - he gets such a sad face when I tell him he has to stay at the top of the stairs, almost as if I have broken his heart. But soon (about 2 months) I will be letting him go up and down without assistance. Also he has found out I keep the chow plus bone treats downstairs, but not the exact location. Alvin is also teaching him about the squirrels, the girls throw in their advice also.
"Yesterday I actually mistook the barking I was hearing as Alvin, to find out it was Rio ! Do hope that was only an one time deal .... don't need confusion on who I am hearing bark.
Enjoy the photos, stay warm - it is bitterly cold here AND Rio likes it (!) - I am going to go warm up under the electric blanket.
"I have plans on coming over to the Portland shows for a couple of days. Maybe we may see each other?"

Belinda, Rio looks great and happy. Yes, Rogue and I will be at the Rose City Classic. I look forward to meeting you in person!! -L

Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Finally, I've found it!!"

Whiskers tries out a space where she can escape her own personal mad mob of Cardis and one Bulldog. Panda is their ringleader.

"Hissssssssss at Panda. Hiss, hiss. On her and all her kind."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wee Bonnie Ice Storm

Angela writes:

"Hi Leo,

"Wow, what a busy December. Bonnie had her first day of snow and ice skating last weekend. She loved it! She is potty trained (most of the time) and is our constant companion. She is so smart, can sit, stay, shake hands, lay down and find the treat. Fiona will be starting 4-H classes with her in January. She also got spayed this week, and was not herself for about a day, but has bounced back and we have to keep her laying low for a few more days (it's hardest for her and Chloe not to be able to play normally).

"We are expecting a lovely Christmas with Bonnie, her stocking is hung! We wish you and your family a Wonderful Holiday and a Very Happy New Year!

Angela, Greg, Fiona and Bonnie"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gail writes:
"I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for my wonderful Charlie.
He has the sweetest disposition of any dog I have ever had. It is a joy and pleasure to have him. He learns everything up so fast. He loves going with me everywhere and sticks pretty much by me all day long.

Best wishes,


Thank you Gail for loving him so much. Makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dropping the Ball: Clank's Testicular Testimony

I don't know how many of you readers follow the Clank's Adventures link. There was an interesting bit of news I wanted to be sure to point out.

Read the Ouch entry.

I asked Anne about it, particularly if there was anything genetic to be aware of.

She answered:

"I have no clue if this could possibly have any genetic basis, I’m personally of the mind that Clank is one of those enthusiastic guys who thinks overdoing things is always better than just doing them. Like the six-foot 1x4 he was dragging around the back yard this afternoon for no apparent reason. The kid has a lot of joie de vivre.

“The Ball” as it’s come to be known around our house caused quite a stir at the vet hospital. They had never seen such a large one inside a pooch, and Dr. Kienle was pretty amazed that it had managed to find its way up into the intestines, where it was just sort of floating around. The whole thing seems like a fluke to me, unless other boys in your batch come up with The Ball as well.

He’s recovered nicely and he and Ratchet have mended fences over the whole Ball-disparity issue (you know how men are). They are not only chasing each other around the house and great friends again, they were even wrestling in the back yard this afternoon. Usually they are too busy having opinions at the Chihuahuas in the yard behind us to mouth fence.

Hope all is well at your place and that you’re looking forward to a great holiday season.


And if any of you readers have any information to share regarding such phenomena please pass it on.

buns a la chuck

Note from Gail's daughter Esther: "Leo
what a pain trying to get charlie to stop wagging his tail long enough to get a picture of his cute little pantaloons. I'm prejudice because I think his are the cutest. -Esther"

Oh, well, we all appreciate the prejudice factor, Esther.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jasper pants

Once known as Logan, Jasper seems too mellow to be a Wolverine.

Momma Teresa writes:
"Jasper has the fuzziest butt of any corgi I’ve ever had. It reminds me of
dark chocolate dipped caramels with gray sea salt on top. Am I weird? Ah
well, that's not really news.
It is amazingly difficult to get a dog to pose for a shot of their rear end
without someone to distract them. He kept giving me the 'WHAT NOW?' look
and sitting down. I had to put peanut butter on a spoon on the ground and
sneak around him to get this one."

Thanks Teresa! He's a cutie-patootie

a gauntlet on pants

Anne Kauffman writes:

Hi Mommy Léo & all the family at Toreth,

My Mommy Shar took a really great picture of my fanny that shows my pantaloons off to great effect. How about a challenge to all the rest of my brothers and sisters to send in pictures of their fannies so we can see who has the cutest one? I’ve attached my picture to get things started.

Lots of love and laughs,