Thursday, May 10, 2012

With a little help from my friends...

Update on the Angel-girl:

A friend and Corgi Rescue associate of Kathy Miller contacted her and said something along the lines of: "My schedule just opened up. I've always wanted to train a puppy to be a Therapy Dog. I don't want to own Angel. Do you think Léo would be open to an arrangement where Angel comes over to visit (she lives only 17 miles away!) for weekends and I work with her and get her certified as a Delta Therapy and Canine Good Citizen Dog?"
Ummmm, duh!!!!
So Angel is still mine and I now have a fabulous new friend in Meg, who when we met it was like we'd known each other all our lives, a fellow artist and wild child who "gets" dogs!!
I am very happy. Because of Kathy and Meg I can also dream of someday making baby Angels. I really love keeping that temperament in my breeding!!

Several people reached out to bring her home. Thank you to all of you! You proved my theory that white is beautiful!