Sunday, November 29, 2009

My beautiful baby

I love this girl. She's a beauty through and through. The best temperament I've ever seen in a dog.
Carolyn may laugh at this but a few weeks ago I looked at her and did a double take. She's got a lot of her mother in her face.
I love her coat. It's soft and luxurious. She doesn't seem to mind that I could pet her constantly. ;-) The color is rich and it's sooo shiny.
I love her bone. Her deep, dark eyes. She's going through a growth spurt and while she was a bit leggy/cobby for about a month I knew she'd outgrow that and she's starting to get long again.
And last but not least: Those ears! Gorgeous!

Her personality is the best though. I've never had a dog who naturally took to fetching. It's her favorite game. That along with face-fencing with her "sisters" Pan and Celie.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Charlie the Slugginator

Some of you may have read Caroline's post. She got a similar news report.
Here's what Charlie had to say:
"Hi Auntie,
I am sorry for not writing sooner, but Mom has been keeping me pretty busy. We have really been working on obedience and walking on leash so I do it properly. I have been trying to catch all the bugs around here, there are so many of them. I even met up with a slug the other day, that earned me the nickname of "Slugworth". Below is a picture of me before they got me cleaned off. The leaf is stuck to it.
They don't really want me to play with them. Luckily the my groomer came that day and got my face all clean again. It really was quite sticky. Oh yes I weigh 25 pounds now and getting to be quite a big boy. I am a really good watch dog. I make sure to let Mom know when someone is coming. Mom praised me for barking and chasing away the Kingfisher, so he wouldn't get into the pond. I do occasionally get into things I'm not supposed to because they look so inviting, I am slowly learning some things are not mine to play with.
Lovee, Charlie."

Charlie's a handsome boy isn't he? In spite of the gooey blob stuck on his face.