Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rogue is not! all ears

Who knew way back then they'd cause a bit of trouble for some folks...

To make it more problematic they had the audacity to go and get spots...

So it's happened twice that I know of that people have expressed curiousity about these ears of Rogue's. She is not a mismark and she is definitely not a black brindle with blue merle points.

From a trusted breeder-judge: Rogue "has many good qualities - pretty head, good bone, full coat, good tail set and carriage, good side movement. ... You are much more fortunate than most breeders...." And he's not the only one. Another said, "Whatever you do don't get rid of Rogue from your breeding program." I hadn't even considered it!

The Illustrated Standard says: "Blue merle appears as gray with piebald patterned black patches, or a marbled effect of black and gray. And merling (marbling) other than blue merle is a disqualification. White markings may appear almost anywhere (on the ears, on the body, or on the sides as a splash) and are perfectly acceptable, but white must not predominate (greater than 50% of the dog). White should never surround the eyes. Freckles of darker color (ticking) may appear in the Cardigan's white markings and are perfectly acceptable."

I am not upset about it because I know how wonderful she is. And I won't dye her ears to make winning easier. They're just too beautiful. I just hope the judges who enter the ring with the Cardigans realize these are the ones with tails and they come in more designer colors (in Pems Rogue's coloring would be all wrong). I also want for them to be bold enough to recognize her many virtues in spite those audacious, and absolutely marvelous, ears.

So no, we're not all ears... but we are listening. ;-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gig Harbor

Kismet and Karma's first real dog show.

Kismet went RWD, Karma placed 2nd in her class and Rogue went RWB under Paul Chen. Thanks Paul!!

Bobbin went BOB, Flower went WB/BOW, Liam got BOS, Crescent (I think that's his call name) got WD. Congratulations!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Is she or isn't she?

A week left until we can do an ultrasound.

You can just see a bit of where her belly was shaved.

Will they all have tongues that long?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cardigan, PetSmartigan!

Again I can't enter (silly rules about spouses who work for affiliate companies) but would love to see a Cardigan win.
PetSmart Photo Contest

Monday, September 20, 2010

What I did this summer...



Qtrly: Gpa Cr 3.0 Cr Earn 3.0 P/S Cr 0.0 Grpts 12.0 GPA 4.00

Cum: Gpa Cr 3.0 Cr Earn 3.0 P/S Cr 0.0 Grpts 12.0 GPA 4.00
Clvl: Gpa Cr 3.0 Cr Earn 3.0 P/S Cr 0.0 Grpts 12.0 GPA 4.00

... Fall Term starts tomorrow. Medical Terminology II.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zelda (FKA Sara) update

Lynn & Lee write:
"Well, Zelda/Sara is getting to be a big girl! She weighed in yesterday at about 25 pounds! A huge growth spurt in the last month, it seems. She's not chubby as you can still feel the ribs and she gets tons of exercise. She is very spunky and may be a great herder, if you consider the amount of time she spends biting my ankles! We're working on this issue as well as her desire to jump on all the furniture. She loves to chase balls, bunnies, and birds as well. Early next month, after she's six months old (can't believe that) she'll be getting spayed. Zelda is a real beauty and we look forward to 4-H obedience school in the fall. Here she is on our patio bench! The ears are as big as ever."

Monday, September 6, 2010


Blind agility handler.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

a nice day

What happens when you oversleep and don't have time to groom your dog properly but still go to support the entry and just enjoy being with your dogs and other people who love dogs?

Your dog can take Winner's Bitch and Best Opposite Sex, that's what.

A nice day at the St. Helens' show. A sweet point for Rogue. Good girl!

Then we went to a Welsh Festival in Portland showing off both breeds of Corgis along with Kim Shira and Marilyn van Vliet. I was so proud of my pack of ambassadors. Rogue and Kismet and Karma soaked up all the love in the room and gave lots of it back. Karma especially has all the traits of an awesome, awesome therapy dog.

Yes, a very nice day. Thanks to my little handler/helper/daughter Lexie too! You's a good kid, kiddo!