Saturday, May 30, 2009

belly up to the bar boys (and girls of course)

First let me say my scale sucks. But I am confident that all are gaining. Yay!!

Here's Charlie: 8.5 oz. Magnus seems to bully and push him around. But Charlie is learning to hold his own. And I am supplementing him every 2 hours today along with getting him back on the nipple every time I check in with them.

Of course, Magnus has an unfair advantage. He is the biggest and the strongest at 13 oz.

Rogue is the hefty girl at 12 oz. today.

Logan 11 oz.

Remy says, "I love my mama, she good to me, I guarantee." We can tell you like her, Remy. You gained a whole ounce today to bring you up to 10.5.

Little Storm at just under 9 oz.

Little Jeanie 9.5.


some background

Getting a visitor from Finland I realized some new people, and hopefully future friends and admirers ;-), might be checking in and wondering about the pedigree and other details on this litter.
First of all I'd like to direct folks to Carolyn Cannon. She co-owns Kayla (CH C-Myste Kahlua'N Cream) and the sire, Huxley (CH Wolfrun Brave New World) lives with her in Gold Hill, OR. Carolyn has a wonderful page set up where one can see dogs she's helped bring into the world.
Check it out. As you scroll down and find Kayla and Huxley you can click on the links for their sires and dams and see the whole family album of pictures and history.

Update: Carolyn put the pedigree up on her website. Thank you Carolyn.
Here's a link for those interested in the pedigree.

Friday, May 29, 2009

2 days old

Today's weigh ins:
Magnus is just under 12 oz.
Rogue is trying to catch up with 11.5.
Logan is 10.
Remy 9.5.
Jeanie 9.
Storm is just over 8 and Charlie is down to 8.

I've been supplementing and will be keeping an eye on all of them but especially little Charles. Most likely he'll be gaining it back by tomorrow. All of them should start packing it on now that they have mastered the whole latching on business.

I can't say enough what a good momma Kayla is. She is so gentle and careful at getting herself under them to feed them and walks around them like they are in eggshells.
Logan found her warmest place. He seems to be a pissy little boy. I've heard it said to be careful what you name your children... hmmm.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

new beginnings

It seemed appropriate to announce my new babies along with the new kennel name.

The first to enter the world was a little girl. As she came out she took one look, stuck out her tongue and tried to go back to where she came from. As I mentioned sometime ago the litter theme is the X-Men. It seems "Rogue" suits her. The vet helped us get her out. She weighed 10 oz.

Meet Rogue. She has white streaks on her ears, perfectly symmetrical ear markings.

Next came a boy. He slipped out on the way back home. A friend called him "Taxi" and that stuck for a day but it's not in keeping with the theme. Notice the lightening bolt on the back of his neck. I think I'd like this one to be Magnus (aka Magneto). He weighed 11.5.

Meet Magnus.

#3 is a boy named Remy (aka Gambit). He was 9.5.

#4 Kim called this boy "Devil boy" so that's my Wolverine.

Meet Logan who weighed 9 oz.

The next 3 came to us via c-section.

A boy, nearly "bald" I'll name Charlie after Charles Xavier. He was 9 oz.

Hello Charlie.

This sweet girl is my Jeanie (Jean Grey aka The Phoenix). She had quite a bit of green stain from meconium all over her head. Weight: 9 oz. We're glad you're with us Jeanie.

And last but not least, my favorite female X-Men character, Storm. May be more appropriate for a blue girl, or a black. But this little bit, weighing only 8 oz., is a fighter with a tornado on the back of her head. Meet Storm.

Momma Kayla loves her X-Puppies. She is the best mother.