Friday, June 25, 2010

Rio goes to a show

Story by mommy Belinda:

"As soon as we got out of the rig at the show, Rio knew where he was and starting talking - to Mastiffs he asked to play, rumbled his throat box to several other large than him dogs to say hello.

We were there very early for ring time. I pulled him out of the crate to brush off and give some water, and he was ready to go into the ring. Was able to find a place to sit next to our ring, where Rio and crate cart were hidden from judge by the table in the ring (that holds the ribbons), plus a couple of items hanging off the top of the crate. Was worried about him being thirsty, so left the crate door open with the water pail hanging off the door and I had put my chair close enough to keep him from sneaking out. He took a couple sips then reclined in his crate - didn't even get curious about other dogs walking around or being stopped close to us.

A couple of friends saw him for the first time, noticed how long he was versus the rest of the gang, and really liked his looks plus his behavior.

Did well for exam on table, yet sniffed for girls while on table (prior to the judge going over him), as soon as judge had hands on him, he got his head up and stood very still. Prior to going into the ring, was getting scents that were interesting to him. Walked a straight line, staying on the matting!

Going to Wally World, either tonight or tomorrow morning (prior to show) for some Vick's rub. Do either one have suggestions for other than Vick's?????

How did he do???????????...........RWD

Way to go Team Rio & Belinda!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Those ears!

It's mine and I don't have to worry about Karma anymore. So this must be Nirvana? (Lots of good karma/bad karma jokes at our house these days.)

"Zelda seems right at home already! She has been running around and playing a lot since we got home at noon, so she's kind of tired now and didn't eat a lot but I'm sure she'll rebound tomorrow. Doesn't seem to be afraid of anything and nothing makes her nervous, which we love!
Here's some pictures from this afternoon. We love the 'duck legs' in the third photo since our other dog Roxy didn't do that (but the first corgi we had did).

Thanks for all the great dog raising you've done. We'll keep in touch!"
-Lynn and Lee of WY

Lynn and Lee just couldn't bear the thought of their new baby being on a plane so they drove out from Wyoming, even with Lynn still recovering from disc surgery, just to bring her home. Even knowing I was able to find good homes for all of them it is really special to meet the babies' new mommy and daddy in person and witness them seeing her for the first time. Very sweet.

Thank you to all my puppies' new families. I hope you all are able to drop a line every so often and let me know how they're growing up. With pictures please! ;-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

road trip home

"So cute and well behaved not a peep in the car all day while we drove to cour d'alene where we are now

she slept all the way in the car except for our rest stops

just ate a bowl of kibble and cottage cheese and loves the freeze dried chicken breast

not afraid of anything so it seems and barks at her reflection

we love her and you've done such a great job raising her

more later from the road"

- Lynn and Lee on their new girl Zelda, formerly known as Sara.

:*) sigh...

And Rio too!

A belated Happy Birthday to Rio. Handsome, happy boy!

He writes:
"Dear Rogue

Find some photos attached of me (Rio) at my home. My mom has been planting flowers along with other kinds of plants and I have been helping her out. It has rained here alot, was no fun on our birthday, as it was raining so I did not get to go out as much as we usually do.

These photos are from playing in the backyard with my soccer ball. Mom says dad "suckered in" to purchase me a real soccer ball.

It is so nice to see how much we all of grown and how wonderful our parents are.

Oops mom is calling ! Have to go is bed time for all good Corgis.


Belinda emailed too that they are entered in a few upcoming shows. Best of luck to team Rio and Belinda!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Bred-By Points

Rogue (Toreth C-Myste Rollin' On The River) went Winner's Bitch and Best Opposite Sex today out of the bred-by class for 2 points. We earned it I think. She's teaching me to be a better handler and she is continuing to mature nicely. I am very proud of her and it's nice to have her virtues recognized.

Thanks to everyone ringside who support me even when we beat their teams. Cardigan people in the Pacific NW are the bestest.

I didn't have time to wait and have a photo taken at the show but my buddy Mark Thorson took the above for me before I headed home in time to get to work. Thanks Mark! I love it.